Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Decision of Two

I have been offered two unpaid internships. One is in a rural county just south of me with a County Prosecutors office. The other is with a County Prosecutors office which covers a large city about 3 hours from my home here. When talking with professors, etc, the biggest weight in the decision as far as experience goes is Big City v. Rural Community. I can make a positive argument about the experience I could get at both offices. The truth is, they would provide different types of experiences which bring their own pro's and con's. The biggest factor in the entire scenario and decision making is that Diana won't be able to go with me the Big City experience. She works a job to help support our family right now which she can't just give up and expect to have back again when we return after the summer. The Rural County I could do by commuting 2 hours a day, but I would be able to spend time with my wife who has shown me unconditional support through this entire experience. Diana is being a good sport through this decision making process because she understands there is an importance with the summer internships/clerkships that will help further my career long term. It is another stress on my plate right now, but I have been given until April 1, 2009 to make a final decision.

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