Friday, October 31, 2008

High School v. Law School

It is hard to pick a place to start when discussing the law school experience. Since I am starting this blog when I have about four weeks of class remaining in my first semester, there is a lot to share and catch you up on. So bare with me while I make that attempt.

After our orientation, two days prior to when classes actually started, you can't help but make a comparison between high school and law school. The parallels between the two may not be obvious, but once pointed out they become clear. Think back (far back for some, not so far back for others) to your time in high school. The teachers told you constantly to put your name in the text books so IF/WHEN you lose them, they can be returned to you. In law school, the assistant dean specifically told us to do the same, for the very same reason. The law school I am attending is equipped with lockers so we don't have to carry all our books around school or even home. The last time I had a locker was in high school. I have yet to hang pictures on the inside of my locker door, but at least this time I have pictures of my wife in my locker instead of the randomness I once had. The final comparison seems to me to be the most unexpected. In high school we all got excited for senior prom. We got clammy hands when asking the girl to be our date and then planning the entire evening. Wouldn't you know it, law school has its own prom. It is called Barrister's Ball and holds the same unique atmosphere. We dress up, get dates (some of us are now married to our dates), go out to eat, and dance the night away.

For those who thought law school was all about studying and being serious, you were sorely mistaken. Law school actually helps us be reminiscent of our days in high school when the biggest concern was the zit on our face. Thank you law school!