Monday, November 10, 2008

A Requested Definition

The name of my blog is a legal term from property. I am using it in sort of a metaphorical manner for the blog.

FEE SIMPLE: an interest in land that, being the broadcast property interest allowed by law, endures until the current holder dies without heirs

FEE SIMPLE ABSOLUTE: an estate of indefinite or potentially infinite duration

Basically it applies to real property (as opposed to personal property) which is given to someone with no strings attached. Believe me, if you are not going into the law, you don't want to study about what type of interest someone has in real property, especially if they have future interests. My professor literally refers to that information as a hazing ritual for first year law students.

I used this term to say, here is my experience from law school, under the cloak of unanimity, to do with as you want. Enjoy it, hate it, share it with others, or never return to the site. It is yours with no strings attached.

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Sodermoto said...

Thanks for the explaination!