Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Mind Plays Tricks

Part of being in law school means you study an obscene amount of hours. When people ask me what I am up to (those friends who are not in the same town as me), I am getting tired of telling them I am studying again in the library. I basically don't have a life anymore besides the few things I get to do with my wife and the occasional distractions law students allow themselves with each other (driving range, going out to eat, watching t.v., etc.).

The weekends are of no exception to the law school studying experience. Case in point I have been up since 0530, which was when Diana got up for work, and read Torts until 0900 when the library on campus opens. And now I am at the library studying Torts and overwhelming myself with the thoughts of everything I need to accomplish. It is Saturday for crying out loud! Who does this to themselves? Part of my frustration too, is because I try not to do homework on Sundays. I wasn't very good at this in my undergrad, so I am trying it here. I have two general reasons for doing this; one reason is religious, and the other is for my own sanity.

I am sitting here trying to justify any small actions of studying that I can push off until tomorrow. It is getting harder for me to keep my goal of one full day off a week because time is of such importance to me now. I can't just study hours before an exam. Thank you for listening to my rantings, but I will try to keep the blog no so serious. I just may need to vent periodically.

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