Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Change of Heart, but New Happenings All The Time

I have to admit that Diana and I were having negative feelings about some of our law school "friends". I had a lengthy rant about them started, but since everyone has returned from Christmas vacation, we have had subtle changes in heart. Now I want to just talk about one of the most notorious professor's at our law school. He is just an intimidating man. I can't remember if I have mentioned my Civil Procedure instructor, Professor Killingsworth. He is just a nasty old man. Each time he questions a student, regardless if the student answers correctly, Killingsworth finds a way to make the student feel stupid. While studying for his midterm, we took a lot of time to prepare because we thought his exam would be the hardest. He is actually a fair exam giver and grader. Since me and my friends did so well in his class, Professor Killingsworth isn't as intimidating. A man once described as "playing ring around the rosey with a 90 year old lepracaun", now is just a grumpy old man to us. Me and my closest friends in that class have already been called on in his class. He still made us feel uneducated, but he just doesn't seem as intimidating. Professor Killingsworth...BRING IT!

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Jay McGuire said...

It has already been broughten! HA! This is proof that you are growing and maturing as a law student. Congrats, Walt!