Tuesday, December 2, 2008

That Time Of The Year...

It is the end of the semester and time for mid-terms. Some of you might be thinking, "did her say mid-terms, shouldn't he be saying finals?". It is true that for most undergraduate and graduate programs, it is finals time and time to gear up for new classes next semester. For law students, we carry 15 credit hours the first semester and those classes carry over to the second semester. So this semester we have Torts, Contract, Civil Procedure, Property, and Legal Research and Writing. Since we only have one test a semester, we are having mid-terms in December. Finals for us happen in May. Next semester we add another class of Criminal Law to make it a full 18 credit hours. They can push us as hard as they want, but the only thing we can do is quit or power through. I may have said that before, but it is about to hold true. I am looking forward to having close to a month off from school. It will be nice to do some no brainer activities. I may even catch up on a few posts I have been wanting to make on here.

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